Healthy Drinking Water Insures Your Longevity

Drinking Good Water from the Tap with an Everpure Filter

Perhaps you have tasted chlorine in your water if you drink from tap.  Many restaurants actually serve tap water but it has been filtered through an Everpure water filter. This is an industrial filter that coffee shops like Starbucks uses to get the right taste for their coffee. There are many benefits to using a filter like this at home as well as business.

Starbucks Coffee loves these filters

You might have suffered like so many others who just can’t get the taste right for the coffee brewed at home. It always seems to taste better in that Starbucks cardboard cup! Or maybe there’s more to it. When you run water through a filter it takes out the taste of chlorine and other chemicals found in most tap waters around the US.

Drink Pure Water at Home for your Health

Whether you’re making coffee or mixing other drinks, you will benefit greatly by filtering out carcinogens from the water. This can’t be stressed enough. For your family and for your self, there should be no substitute for your body. Even the healthiest people in the world die – whether they run every day or happen to be a couch potato. The goal is to grow old – and to enjoy those golden years.

Bottled Water vs. Filtered Water

You might be thinking that if something came from a bottle, it is good water. Not the case. Bottled water is particularly dangerous because it has gone through a reverse osmosis process that strips all the nutrients from the water – leaving the molecules looking for minerals to attach to. When you drink this water, it grabs good minerals from your body and you urinate them out. So don’t be fooled into thinking “pure” is “good.” The best case scenario is a filter that removes harmful chemicals and leaves the minerals your body needs.